Friday, January 17, 2014

our big news

If you haven’t heard the big news yet, CJ and I are adopting!

The numbers are a little fuzzy, but there are somewhere between 147 million to 163 million orphans in the world.  How do you even begin to wrap your head around that number?  We know we can’t adopt all 150 million plus orphans.  And we do not believe adoption is meant for everyone.  But we do know that God has called us to grow our family this way, so here we are.

We’re still in the beginning phases of this process and we don’t know much at this point.  We have chosen to adopt through China’s special needs program.  (More on that later.)  We’ve requested to adopt a girl up to age three at time of referral, but we have also said we’re open to twins or a sibling group, which is incredibly rare in China.  We’ve signed the contract, started paying the fees, and will begin the home study soon.  Timing wise, the adoption process takes an average of eighteen months to complete.  The wait could be shorter or it could be longer.  We might know who our child is yet this year or we might not.  We might even be in China this time next year.

So yes, since there are so many unknowns, the announcement might still be a little bit premature, but we do have some reasons for making the announcement now rather than later:

One – We need prayer.  The process is a little daunting.  More so, our future child or children need prayer – for proper care, for good health, etc.  In the end, while our child gets a family, we will also uproot that child from everything he/she/they know and I’m certain that’s very scary.

Two – We’re excited, as any parents-to-be should be!

Three – We will need your help.  Adoption is a little pricey and we don’t exactly have this sort of cash just sitting in the bank, and unlike a pregnancy, insurance doesn’t cover adoption expenses.  We believe this is our primary responsibility to come up with the money and we’ll do so by saving, working overtime, applying for grants, and opening up an Etsy shop (I know – finally, right?).  But we also have some creative fundraisers in mind.  For instance, I hope to have a giant garage sale in the spring.  Maybe you’d be willing to forego the small tax deduction and donate your extra junk to this cause instead?  We might look into asking a restaurant to sponsor us for an evening and maybe you could join us for a meal, with a portion of the proceeds going to the adoption.  Ultimately though, we believe that since God has pointed us in this direction, He will deliver, even if that path looks really muddy right now.

Four – Did we mention we could use prayer?

We have started this blog to update and educate you on this process.  We’re new to this and recognize it’s a whole new experience for nearly everyone who is invested into our lives as well.  In the weeks ahead, I’ll break down what a special needs adoption truly is, what the home study covers, and all about the dossier.  Keeping in mind that we may not have much information to share at times, we will keep this as up to date whenever possible.  And, feel free to ask questions!

Finally, we want to extend our appreciation, from the bottom of our hearts, for the love and support so many of you have shown us thus far.  We are truly grateful for your friendship and prayers.


Eric Raider said...

Thanks for sharing. Leah and I are so supportive and thankful God has called you to this... never attempt to understand His plan. Just believe. We are ready to help in any way!

Edward McDonald said...

Congrats. It can be difficult to step out in faith and let His spirit lead you on a journey. Just know that you both have the love and support of Jennifer and throughout the process. We will be praying that God's will will show itself in abundance for you.