Thursday, January 30, 2014

the start of the paper chase

I've heard a lot of adoptive parents call the process a paper chase.  It's how I arrived at the title to this blog:  paper chase...chasing paper...lots of airplane rides involved in adoption...paper airplanes could make a cute design...chasing paper airplanes.

Anyway, it turns out people weren't joking about the paper chase.

Up until today, it was a few papers here and a few there.  All in all, manageable and easy to complete.

But today, I got an email from our adoption specialist.  I kept scrolling...and scrolling...and scrolling until I came to the sixteen attachments that will have to be completed.

And if I were to take a guess, I'd still say we're in the beginning phases of all the paperwork.


Colleen S said...

Keep it up. God has obviously called you and CJ to reach out to a little one out there. Maybe you should just consider this your equivalent of a pregnancy glucose test. Do you want to do it, no. Is it best for you and the baby, yes. So bring on the papers. :)

Colleen S said...

Thanks for the update. Keep at it. There will be an end to the paperwork eventually but it takes a lot of papers to make the equivalent of a child. :)