Wednesday, February 5, 2014

get rid of your junk!

This is our garage sale closet.  I just know that this junk is someone else's treasure.*  And this stuff is going to help us get one step closer to bringing our child home.

I'm praying for an early, warm spring.  Yes, it's because I really, really hate winter.  But it's also because we have a big adoption payment due in late March/early April and I'm hoping that garage sale proceeds will help defray the cost just a bit.

This is where you come in.  I know you all have junk in your house.  I thought I cleaned it all out when we moved, but turns out I only scratched the surface, so we've got lots more to purge too.  We're humbly asking that if you do have items you were going to donate to charity, that you might consider donating them to us instead.  We no longer have a truck, so super large items might be a problem for us to pick up, but we'll try our best to take whatever we can off your hands.

I know it's still cold and snowy and spring cleaning is still far from your mind, but when that time comes, we'd sure appreciate you thinking of us.

*I shouldn't say it's all junk.  Those baby items are actually really nice.

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