Tuesday, February 4, 2014

home study visit #1

First:  I know these updates aren't terribly exciting.  But for those of you who hope to adopt someday, I hope this information is helpful and that one day we can join alongside you in your own journey.

As I've mentioned before, we're officially in the home study phase.  For us, this means four visits with our adoption specialist and lots more paperwork.  Today was our first visit with our adoption specialist and although we had no idea what to expect, it was pretty painless.  Here's a rough idea of the questions we answered today:

  • Where we work, hours
  • Basic description of the type of child we hope to adopt (age, gender, type of special needs we're willing to accept)
  • Description of our town and neighborhood, amenities
  • Breakdown of household duties -- who does yard work, dishes, finances, cleaning, etc.
  • Our current philosophy on attachment and bonding (I'll write more on that another day)
  • What we hope to provide to our child
  • Our philosophy on the child's education and career
  • How our parenting style is alike and different

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