Monday, March 10, 2014

about that garage sale...

When we moved, I thought we did a fairly good job of purging stuff we didn't know, we made several trips to Goodwill in our packed-full vehicles.  But when it took us two too many trips moving our stuff from our old house into our new house, I realized we did a pretty crummy job of cleaning out stuff after all.  So now I'm attacking our house one space at a time, urged on by two things:  #40bagsin40days challenge and by reading Jen Hatmaker's 7:  An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.  (It's good. Go read it.) 

Now due to working full-time, trying to open up that etsy shop that I've been talking about for far too many months, trying to keep my house from getting too dirty, spending too much time on social media, etc., I'm not going to clean out our house for forty straight days.  But in one tiny little closet, I came up with a bag stuffed full of trash plus a small pile for our garage sale.  And tonight, working on my side of the closet alone, I came up with a trash bag full of old shoes -- four pairs of very loved shoes that I'm very sad to see go, not to mention too many pairs of flip flops to count -- plus a dozen shirts and skirts to add to the garage sale pile.  I don't know whether to feel disgusted with the amount of stuff we have or to feel good about lightening our load.

This brings me to you.

As you know, we're hosting a garage sale this spring to raise funds for our adoption.  (I know, it's probably not right that I'm asking you to clean out your stuff so I can sell it to other people who don't need it either, but whatever.)  I've penciled this in on our calendar for April 11th & 12th.  Many of you have said you've got items to donate and we'd love to take stuff off your hands sooner rather than later.  The sale is scheduled one month from tomorrow and if our spare bedroom doesn't start to fill up fast, I might have to postpone the sale.  So, why don't you join me in the #40bagsin40days challenge and see how much stuff you really don't need and put it to a good cause?

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