Tuesday, April 15, 2014

garage sale results!

I've peppered your facebook feeds with garage sale photos and updates for weeks now, so this is the big reveal! 

God provided, through your donations, $1,508!*

My goal was $500, which was what we needed to make our next payment (when that's due is still to be determined).  We made that amount in our first two hours of business.  The remaining $1,000 takes a chunk out of the next payment that's due after this upcoming one.

(Confused yet about what I mean by all these payments?  I plan to write another post soon that breaks down the funding and where we stand in terms of overall funds needed, so I hope that will clarify.)

Again, let me say thank you.  As I wrote in my last post, I was overwhelmed not only by the sheer amount of donations, but because I realized how much we are loved.  So for those of you who donated, provided us with bags, sent a monetary donation, hauled truckloads full of items to our house, visited our garage sale, and to my parents and our good friends, Ed and Jennifer, who helped out both days of the sale -- thank you again.

By the way, I might mention that we really didn't have much left.  We've made one trip to Goodwill to donate the smaller items.  There really weren't any large items left.  We mostly had clothes leftover; we will donate those to our church's clothing pantry, so know that your clothes will get into the hands of people who need them -- for free.  As for books, we're still debating what to do with those.

* I might have told some of you it was $1,600.  Turns out my brain was a little fried when I did my calculations and I was off by a hundred bucks.  But still, not bad!

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