Tuesday, May 13, 2014

pampered chef + handmade market recap

For once, the adoption paperwork has not  been keeping us busy lately, but we have filled our time with other fundraising activities.
As you may have seen plastered all over my facebook wall, instagram feed, and blog, I hosted a Pampered Chef fundraiser a few weeks ago, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit our adoption efforts.  Now, we knew this wouldn't be our biggest fundraiser.  But still, I was blown away by everyone's orders and just the way you all supported this effort.  If you're ever in need of any Pampered Chef items or would like to host your own party, please consider reaching out to my friend, Christie, who will make sure you're all taken care of.  And if you'd like to have us over for dinner to show off how well your Pampered Chef items work, just let us know when to show up!
CJ and I both picked out some items for our birthday/Christmas.  I think he's getting a torte pan, a double boiler, and a loaf pan.  I guess this also means he plans to cook more frequently now?

Here are all the orders.  Seriously, you guys blew me away with your support.  Thank you.
And as you may have also seen all over my social media accounts, we also signed up for the Danville Handmade Market.  The first show was this past Saturday.  If you didn't make it out but want to come see us (you know you do!), it's the second Saturday of each month and it coincides with the farmers' market, so you can load up on all sorts of good stuff!


Some of these crayon rolls are left over from the sale.  If you're interested, they are $12 a pop plus shipping.

Same goes for some of these.

We have plenty of bibs left over too!  Bibs are priced at $7.50 for one, $14 for two, $20 for three, or for four or more, $6 each.  Yeah, I know that's kind of steep and I know I don't have kids to back this up, but the feedback I've received from others is that they are much more durable than the terrycloth bibs you can buy at the big box stores.  Plus, I don't need to have kids to know that my bibs are so, so much cuter than those in the box stores either.
So the Danville Handmade Market wasn't exactly a raging success.  This was also our very first market like this, so we had no idea what to expect.  And it was also the very first handmade market, so I don't think the clientele knew what to expect either.  We do intend to make some tweaks the second time around.  First, we need to maximize the space we're given to encourage people to come in and look instead of passing the table by.  We also want to play up the adoption efforts, as I only had one twelve year old girl ask about our adoption.  So I plan to do a write-up on China or adoption or why we're adopting or personal stories or something, anything, to get people's interest.  Also, since the crowd tended to be older -- from 8-10:30 am, the average age was probably 70, no joke -- we plan to sell more of CJ's woodworking items, which may sell better than baby bibs for that age group.
Again, we thank you for your support of not only the Pampered Chef fundraiser, but for those of you who came out to the market this past weekend and purchased items or have purchased items in the past.  While I wish we had all our adoption fees just sitting in the bank -- life would be so much easier if I had that much disposable income, right?? -- we don't.  We simply need your support and your prayers and are so humbled by the way everyone has joined around us.  So again, thank you.

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Rachel @ The Lazy Christian said...

Have you thought of maybe doing aprons? They're fairly quick to make, I think, and with the right fabrics they are SO CUTE! I have several because I'm convinced I'm a better baker in an apron. :)