Wednesday, June 18, 2014

handmade market #2 recap

As many of you know, we have participated in the Danville Handmade Market for two Saturdays this summer.  Depending on how you look at it - whether you count just the entry fee for four shows, money box, and receipt log - we have come out ahead.  If you consider everything else we've had to purchase like the tables, drop cloths, tent, and chairs, I'm pretty sure we're running in the red.  Aside from the tent, we should be able to get plenty of use from the tables, chairs, and drop cloths in the years to come.  So anyway, all that to say I consider it a win.

I'd consider this past Saturday more of a success than it was at the May market.  I think this  was due to more prayers + a corner spot + different items for sale.  We probably sold equal quantities of wooden goods (succulent planters and animal puzzles) and sewn goods (bibs, crayon rolls, and key wristlets).  But the profit margin on the wooden goods is larger, so that helped.

In addition to selling more goods, we received some great sales advice from a fellow vendor and adoptive parent.  This family, primarily the mother and one of her daughters, sell goats milk soap and laundry detergent.  The girl was actually the only person at the first market who asked us about our adoption.  They stopped by at the end of the day on Saturday and gave us some helpful tips, primarily on how we need to sell the adoption a bit more.  Our sign reads "Chasing Paper Airplanes: Our Adoption Journey."  She pointed out that we need to re-word that to say all proceeds will benefit our international adoption efforts, as "people are likely to think you're adopting a dog if you don't specify."  Believe it or not, we had a handful of people ask us at our garage sale if we were adopting a dog, so I can't assume people know it's actually for a child.  So we plan to word things a bit differently, perhaps make some other signage, beef up the story a bit.

In addition, it's my goal this month to make more adult and pet items.  I'd like to make some zippered pouches as well as journal covers.  I've had a few requests for dog bows too.  Given how many people bring their dogs to the market, several of which ride in carriers or strollers, I really need to target that audience more.  It's just too bad our two dogs are too crazy/love people too much to allow us to bring them along as models.

So that's that.  Thanks for the prayers for this past market; they were much appreciated.

P.S.  In lieu of an etsy shop, I decided to go ahead and post items online for sale.  See what's available!  Again, all proceeds go to benefit our adoption efforts.  Of a child from China.  Not a dog.

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