Sunday, June 15, 2014

what's for sale

Many of you have expressed interest in items we've had for sale for the recent markets.  I'm (still) contemplating opening up an etsy shop, but until then, I wanted to post pictures of what's available and for sale.  I apologize in advance for the poor picture quality, but I wanted to strike while the iron is hot and get this inventory off our hands and the money into our adoption account!

The rules:
  • Payment - I prefer payments by check or Chase Quick Pay so I can quickly transfer those funds into our adoption account.  I can also take cash, paypal, or credit via square.

  • Shipping - As much as I appreciate the support/purchases, please understand that I cannot drive all over the metro area to make deliveries.  With my old, fuel inefficient jeep and $4/gallon gas, I will lose money.  That said, I'm happy to make deliveries downtown during the week, in my hometown any day, or near my church on the weekends.  Otherwise, the post office is on my way home everyday so I can add shipping to your purchase and get it to you that way.

  • Reservations - This is first come, first serve.  If you want an item but want to wait until we see each other again so you don't have to pay for shipping, I'm more than happy to take payment via Chase, Paypal, or Square and will reserve the item for you that way.

I think that takes care of it all.  Questions?  Interested in an item? Want to see a better picture?  Send me a private message on facebook, see me in person, or send an email to chasingpaperairplanes13 @

And here's what's for sale!

Bibs are 1 for $7.50, 2 for $14, 3 for $20, or 4 or more are $6 each.  I grouped these roughly by color, but you can buy them mix-and-match.  The bibs are 100% cotton on front and are backed with terrycloth and have a velcro closure.  The sizes aren't completely the same on each bib - got a little lazy with the pattern - but I would say these are good for kids up to age 1.

(1) Multicolor chevron
(2) Multicolor butterflies
(3) Multicolor owls
(4) Multicolor stripes

(5) Multicolor flowery print
(6) Light blue travel print
(7) Light blue owls w/ umbrellas

(8) Red with white flowers
(9) Red with white stars

(10) Multicolor animals/flowers
(11) Multicolor something-or-other print
(12) Fall-ish owls
(13) Black/white hearts

(14) Purple/blue flowers
(15) Orange/blue flowers

(16) Pink/purple daschunds
(17) Coral-y pink print
(18) Pink chevron
(19) Large butterflies

(20) Pink hearts
(21) Pink/navy cow print
(21) Pink & blue random print
(22) Daschunds (duplicate) 

(23) Pink/green print
(24) Pink polka dots
(25) Daschunds
(26) Pink/white chevron
(27) Pink guitars
(How is that pink guitar print still available? It's C-U-T-E!)

(28) Green/blue print
(29) Watermelons

(30) Navy/mint print
(31) Pale green trees
(32) Green/blue Eiffel Tower
(33) Mint/white flowers

(34) Pink/orange stripes
(35) Pink/blue flowers
(36) Orange/pink pigs
(37) Pink w/ orange polka dots
(38) Blue, orange, & yellow flowers
(39) Duplicate of #37.

(40) Gray/blue bicycles
(41) Gray/red elephants
(42) Duplicate of #40
(43  & 44) Red multi-color Pezzy print

(45) Foxes
(46) Monkeys
(47) Navy owls
(48) Multicolor owls

(49) Duplicate of #46.
(50) Duplicate of #48.
(51) Blue/green/brown trucks
(51) Blue elephants on light background
(52) Blue elephants on blue background
(Note:  Some of those trucks in #51 have dogs sitting in the back.  Again, CUTE.)

(53) Turtles
(54) Green argyle

(55) Bows
(56) Brown argyle
(57) Brown multicolor dots
(58) Orange dots

(59) Construction machinery
(60) Tools
(These are coordinating prints.  I LOVE them and am surprised they're still around to be honest.)
Crayon Rolls
These crayon rolls are $12 each and hold 16 crayons a piece.  Once you roll it up, there's a button on back that you can secure by elastic.
(1) Orange/pink pigs & pink polka dots
(2) Black/white hearts & hot pink

(3) Firefighter print
(4) Red/brown monkeys
(5) Blue/black/red ninjas
(6) Construction

(7) Foxes with orange print
(8) Monkeys with yellow print

(9) Multicolor stripe with purple
(10) Multicolor stripe with butterfly print

Key Wristlets
These wrap around your wrist and have a key ring for hooking onto your keys.  They're thick, with 100% cotton on the front and heavy webbing in the inside.  I scotch-guarded in the exterior fabric in an effort to keep it as clean as possible, but I haven't had a chance to test these out yet to see how clean they'll be after like a year in your purse.  These are $8.50 each.

(1) Black stripes
(2) Black & white damask
(3) Gray stars
(4) Gold & black
(5) Gray multi-colored pluses

(6) Pink & red dots
(7) Red Pezzy print
(8) Pink daschunds
(9) Pink/orange/blue flowers
(10) Pink diamonds

(11) Purple w/ blue flowers
(12) Purple pluses/crosses
(13) Multi-colored flowers
(14) Purple chevron
(15) Purple celtic-like print

(16) Orange stripes
(17) Orange & yellow owls
(18) Blue stars
(19) Blue plaid-like print

Wine Vases
We have four of these wine vases for sale at $15 each.  We have two with bottles and two without (at least until we can drink two bottles of wine).  The flower can be included for an additional $1.

Succulent planters & puzzles
We're currently out of the succulent planters, but stay tuned.  Those were a hot commodity, so I'm certain CJ plans to make more.  FYI, those are $15 each with succulents included.  If I need to ship it to you, I'll ship it without the succulent and will quote you a lesser price.

We sold out of some of the wooden puzzles, so once we have more, I'll post those online.  Puzzles are $5 each at the present time.

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