Tuesday, July 1, 2014

is it time for june's photos already?

Does anyone know where June went?

On the adoption front, we moved forward just a bit.  We had our fourth and final visit with our caseworker, in our home this time.  Next steps are for us to get some additional documentation submitted (more on that later this week) and for our caseworker to actually write the home study.  Estimated time for completion and then to move on from there:  6-8 weeks.

We set up shop at the Danville Handmade Market again in June.  Although it's clearly not going to be a big moneymaker for us, we were still more successful in June than we were in May.

Here is CJ hard at work making new items to sell.  We still have some alligator and camel puzzles and some wine vases for sale if you're interested!  (Email me - chasingpaperairplanes13 @ gmail.com) 

I found that I had much more success after last month's handmade market selling to people I know, so I decided to take the plunge and to try to set up an online presence.  I did a giveaway to kick things off.  It's over now and that llama pouch has a new home, but I'd still love for you to follow along.  Head on over to Instagram and search for @chasingpaperairplanes.  This will be the primary way we keep everyone in touch with our journey - at least through real-time pictures - so you'll want to be sure to follow along!
When I haven't been busy creating items to sell, I have been working on one of three quilts that I desperately need to finish in like the next week.  And then I've been taking a break from that by sewing up some string blocks for the Indy Modern Quilt Guild, of which I'm a member.  The other members are making string blocks as well and those will be sewn together in a quilt to benefit the Julian Center here in town.  Those string blocks are kind of fun though...I may need to start making a string quilt for myself....you know, once I finish those other 10 quilts I have started.

In an effort to regain some balance in my life, I've decided that Sundays are now my days to sew for myself for enjoyment only.  So this past Sunday, I knocked one item off my to-make list, this leather and lace clutch.  The fabric behind it is also the lining.  Now I just need someone to take me out on a nice date.

And finally, on a personal note, we did take some time for ourselves this month.  We enjoyed a nice meal on Eagle Creek, set up our (FREE!) fire pit and used it once before the temperature hit ninety degrees, and CJ also ran a 4K a few weekends ago.

All in all, it was a good month.  July looks like it'll probably be a bit slower on the adoption front, but we can still use your prayers for an even more financially successful market on the 12th!

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