Friday, November 28, 2014

adoptive families + affordable fashion

Forgive me for posting a selfie here, but I had to show off my new pair of Subsidy Shades.

Here's why I'm willing to plug Subsidy Shades:  the company's whole mission is to "[create] adoptive families through affordable fashion."  The owner is an adoptive mom herself.  She's constantly donating a pair of sunglasses to other adoptive families for use in their instagram auctions and I'm sure helps out in other ways that I don't even see.  So naturally, as adoption is clearly an issue near and dear to our hearts, I jumped on the opportunity to help promote the company.

I'm posting this today, on Black Friday, because Subsidy Shades is running a pretty sweet deal -- 50% off + free shipping.

I may have splurged on a few pairs for our (future) daughter:

Lovestruck Jelly Pink Heart Shades
Patriotic Wayfarers
Isn't she going to look super cute in these?!
Oh, and if you're wondering what I'm wearing above, those are the Tortoise Gloss Wayfarers.
Thanks for humoring me with this review.  Hope you'll check out the site soon and help support others in their adoption efforts!
(P.S.  Notice to the feds...  I did receive a pair of these sunglasses for free in exchange for promoting the shades on my blog.  All words and such are all mine.  Credit for the two photos immediately above goes to Subsidy Shades.)

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