Monday, January 5, 2015

also for sale

Hopefully you all had the opportunity to check out our blog post from Saturday about January's item of the month, snowmen, something new we're trying out for 2015.  It's a way for us to have our creative outlet, to not get burnt out on making any one item over and over (hello, baby bibs!), and to offer something that will hopefully appeal to you at least one month out of the year.

That said, please know that if you are looking for other handmade items for yourself or for a gift, we're still up for making items we've previously offered, so please keep us in mind!

Baby and lap-size quilts - Read up on the details if interested.

I still have about 3 of the card holders left.  I use one for my business cards and the other for loyalty cards.  I think my mom might have bought a stash to use as gift card holders too, which is a good idea too.  These are $10 each.  This picture is just an example of what they look like; I can get you a picture of what's left if interested or else I can do a custom order.

Crayon rolls - $12 each.  Again, this is just an example.  I can do custom orders of these too.

These Indiana hoops are my favorites.  This one (which was a custom order, hanging on a colleague's wall) is maybe my all-time favorite one.  These 12" hoops are $20 each.  I think I have one Indiana one left, but have since done one for a South American country, so I'm open to anything.

I have a giant handful of key wristlets left.  I love mine.  $8.50 each.

I'm pretty sure we've got a box of these puzzles left too.  $5 a piece.

Wooden string crosses.  I know we have 5 or 6 of these left too.  $15 each.

Just one of these wooden wine vase holders left.  $15.  Once this one is sold, we will not be making these any more.
If you are interested in any of these items -- seeing what's left or making a custom order -- please let me know or keep us in mind for future gift needs!  As always (I can't remind you enough!), all proceeds go into our adoption savings account to help bring our daughter home.

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