Saturday, January 3, 2015

january fundraiser of the month: wooden snowmen

Happy 2015!  We had a nice holiday season and are ready to hit 2015 hard.

We're hoping our adoption process moves along a bit quicker in 2015 than it did in 2014.  Really though, the blessing to our process taking so long in 2014 is that it enabled us with plenty of time to do a little bit of fundraising, selling some of our wares, and saving -- and of course, many thanks to all of you who have generously donated money to help us bring our daughter home or who have bought so many of our items over the past year.  All of our agency fees are paid in full, so at this point, we are saving towards our mandatory orphanage donation and travel expenses, which I am estimating will cost between $15,000-$20,000.  We have money in savings to cover a portion of that, but still need to save up some more money.
As you know, we like making things, but I got a little burnt out on baby bibs and crayon rolls.  While we will continue selling items we've previously sold, we wanted to add a bit of variety for 2015 by offering an item of the month.
For January, that item of the month are these lovely wooden snowmen!
Just a mix, to give you some sizing perspective
Here are the details:
$15 (+ shipping) will get you:
  • 1 large snowman (picture 1) or
  • 3 small snowmen (picture 2)
These snowmen are all made to order, meaning that while we have a small stash on hand, CJ will be making them as orders come in -- so it could take a few weeks for them to arrive on your doorstep, still with plenty of time left in the winter season though.  No two are alike.  The large snowmen run anywhere from say, 8-12", and of varying widths.  The smaller ones are about 6" tall, give or take.  Their top hats are all different.  The shades of wood will vary as well, however CJ told me he no longer has any of this darker wood, so most will be of the lighter shade.
If you are interested in a snowmen family to maybe represent your own family, we can make that work too.  Contact us (chasingpaperairplanes13 @ to discuss cost.
As always, all of the profits will be deposited straight into our adoption savings account to help bring our daughter home.
Thanks again for all of your support through this process.  We hope you'll be able to find an item or two of the month this year that suits you!

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