Monday, May 25, 2015

narrowing things down

Good news is that the dossier is finally starting to come together (read:  I finally kicked myself into high gear).

A breakdown:
  • 35: total number of items needed for the dossier
  • 7:  total number of items left until completion
  • 4:  number of pieces of paper we've requested but have yet to receive
  • 2:  pieces of paper left for us to fill out
  • 1:  adoptive parents we need to interview/get a reference from

It's my goal to complete all this paperwork this week if at all possible so we can get everything notarized and agency-reviewed the week following, and then hopefully by mid-June get apostilles on the paperwork* and get everything off to China - FINALLY.

We do have some other news on the adoption front.  As many of you know, we have requested to be matched with a girl or twins, and in the case of twins, either two girls or a boy/girl.  There was a discrepancy in our home study and so the U.S. government narrowed down our request for us to either a girl or in the case of twins, girls.

We had two options:
  1. Pay an additional $360 and delay our paperwork another 4-6 weeks to get the U.S. government's decision reversed to include a boy/girl if twins.  Even with that, there's no guarantee we'd be matched with boy/girl twins.
  2. Take it as a sign and don't touch the paperwork and save the $360.

We've decided to take it as a sign, so we know now that we will have a daughter -- the question is just if we'll have one or two!

If you all could specifically pray for a few things for us:
  • That the paperwork we're waiting on from others will arrive in the mail this week (CJ's employment letter, our birth certificates from the state Department of Health, CJ's doctor sign-off, etc.)
  • That we will be matched with twins.

*The Indiana Secretary of State has to review all of the notarized documents to make sure they have been done properly and that the notary is valid.