Saturday, May 16, 2015

yes, we're still adopting.

I feel like I'm on repeat sometimes:  Yes, we're still in the process.  I'm still working on paperwork.  And it's not that there is that much paperwork that needs to be done, but that life is so unbalanced for me/us right now that I can barely wrap my hands around it -- and can barely wrap my hands around becoming a parent with the way life is going right now.

So since I last updated, we've I've been working on our dossier.  Today, for the first time, I think I have more check marks next to the requirements than I have empty spaces, so it's coming!
  • Fingerprinting - for U.S. Citizenship & Immigration / FBI
  • Background checks - again, with our local department
  • Doctor appointment - I went yesterday.  CJ went back in December, of which his tests would technically still be good, but there are a few required tests that aren't part of normal blood work, such as an HIV test.  As a paramedic and as a nurse, he's had quite a few HIV tests over the years, but of course, none of those have happened within the past year, so he'll have to get an appointment scheduled soon.
  • Requested birth certificates - That cost us $30 to get them from the state.  I work two blocks away from the county health department in the county in which I was born, but that's not good enough...and it has to be issued within the past six months...
  • Received our new marriage certificate...because the old one isn't good enough either.
  • Took photos around the house and had to clean up our future child's room first (it's where we do all of our projects now).
  • Requested updated reference letters from our employers and friends (thank you!)

So that's that.  We'll keep trucking along and get this done one of these days...

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