Monday, June 29, 2015

instagram auction

It's staycation week for me!

My work phone is turned off.  I'm a little nervous about that, but I'm coping.

I am cleaning my house, one room a day.

I am binge watching Scandal.  Why have none of you told me to watch this show before now??

I have high hopes of finishing at least two quilts this week.  It's do-able, but only if I can finish watching all four seasons of Scandal sometime soon.

And I have finally gotten some clarity on adoption fundraising.

We have decided to pursue two or three fundraisers between now and the adoption conclusion.  We have money in the bank to cover our remaining agency fees plus a bulk of our orphanage donation.  I estimate that we will still need between $7,500-$15,000 to cover the remaining orphanage donation plus travel expenses.

That said, here's the first one --

Now, we realize this one won't appeal to most of you, but I've seen instagram auctions work for a lot of other adoptive families and am hopeful this one will work for us.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Make sure to follow our adoption account on instagram - @chasingpaperairplanes.
  2. If you or someone you know make anything and would like to donate for the auction, please send me an email (chasingpaperairplanes13 @ gmail) with the following information:
    • Instagram or shop name
    • Photo of item or logo for shop credit to be donated
    • Item detail or shop credit amount
    • Retail amount
    • Note that I'm asking vendors pay for US shipping, but ask that if it's an international bidder, please specify whether international shipping will be included or not
  3. Please pray for donations and people to bid on the donated items.

If this fundraiser isn't your cup of tea, that's cool -- stay tuned for details on upcoming ways to give!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

95% done

Don't let the title mislead you.  We're not actually 95% done with the adoption, but we are 95% done with the dossier.

As a refresher, the dossier is the official documentation on us that we send to China for their approval to adopt.  It contains the following (and I'm sure I've forgotten something):  our home study, initial approval to adopt from U.S. Citizenship & Immigration, birth certificates, marriage certificate, employer letters, financial statement, medical documentation, police clearance letters, letters of reference, copies of our passports, photos of us and our house, and some other random things.

Basically at this point, I have all of the documentation I need to send to the Secretary of State's office for authentication.  I have two other documents left before official submittal to our agency -- one letter and one document I need notarized -- but that's it.  Finally.

(Oh, don't think that that's a final finally...there's some additional paperwork to complete after this, but it's not as critical as the dossier.)

So here's how we could use your prayers.

1)  Pray that the Secretary of State's office doesn't have any problems with our documentation and is able to quickly process our paperwork.

2)  Pray over some fundraising ideas for us.  Most of our agency fees are paid in full -- and if they're not, we have the money in the bank to finish it off.  We have money left over to help cover a bulk of our orphanage donation.  And then there are the travel expenses.  We will have at least two flights -- one getting there for the two of us and one coming back for three or four of us.  We will most likely have one or two domestic (China) flights too, plus hotel, transportation, and food expenses for two weeks.  I'm not yet sure what this will cost and I'm not overwhelmed by it even though it will be expensive.  We have asked God repeatedly for a fully-funded adoption and I have every belief He will deliver - but quite frankly, I think we need to make an effort too.  We'll continue saving and putting aside money wherever we can, but we have a variety of other fundraising ideas -- the idea being that we don't want to inundate everyone with fundraising requests -- and we're just not sure what to do at this point.  Instagram auction?  T-shirt?  A quilt fundraiser?  Ask for straight-up donations?  Something Christmas-related?  A benefit dinner?  Puzzle?  It's just kind of a question mark at this point.

Thanks, friends.  We so appreciate your support -- in prayer, simply in asking about our progress and encouraging us, and financially.