Monday, October 19, 2015

how matching works

Now that China and the United States have both approved us to adopt, we are now waiting on an actual match (technically called a referral)!

We'll be matched one of three ways:
  1. Through our agency's exclusive partnership programs with several orphanages in China -- Although it's not completely predictable, usually orphanages release the files of a group of 5-20 children exclusively to our adoption agency every few months, and our agency will then review those files and make referrals from that group.  This would be my preference, as our caseworkers will have time to review the child/ren's files (based on whatever limited information they may receive to begin with) and make as informed of a decision as possible before passing along that referral.
  2. Through our agency's waiting child portal -- Many families may go this route, where they identify a specific child and pursue that child's adoption.  While our agency may be aware of a child that may be a good fit for us, it's not a route that we are proactively choosing right now.
  3. Through China's matching night -- Every so often, China releases a group of 5-50 children eligible for adoption.  There are approximately 180 adoption agencies around the world that broker adoptions from China, and they will all log on at that time.  Do the math...  That's probably 1,500-3,000 families all around the world hoping to be matched with 5-50 children.  Likelihood is pretty slim, but it could still happen that way.

Our agency has 15 other families currently waiting to adopt from China, about half of them seeking girls like we are.  By their best estimates at this point, we're probably 6-12 months away from being matched and then it will be another 2-6 months from that point to travel.

Here are our prayer requests, if you're so inclined:
  1. To be matched with twins.
  2. Finances/fundraising.

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