Monday, December 28, 2015

non-update update

No real adoption news for you all today.
We've been waiting for a match for 4 months now and the average wait to be matched is 6-12 months -- that doesn't include travel time -- so we're getting there.
(Sidebar, sort of:  While we've been waiting, I have started to follow several adoption groups in Facebook, many of which advocate for waiting children.  I've found about two dozen children I'd like to adopt, even though I know our circumstances would not be conducive to what they need.  While I continue to pray for those children, please take the time to consider how you can help.  I don't believe everyone is meant to adopt, but I do believe everyone should help in some way.   Maybe that's advocating for these children or advocating for other families to adopt.  Maybe it's financially supporting families who are adopting.  Or maybe it is that you feel led to adopt.  Go ahead and take the plunge, and know there's a huge support system out there for you.  And we'd love to chat with you too.  There are just too many children out there waiting for their parents...)
Anyway, while we wait...
We're working on updating our home study.  In Indiana, home studies expire after one year.  What's a little more paperwork?
I took some time off of work this week, so I'm finally repainting or repurposing furniture we've amassed for our daughter's room.  We bought three of the items here for a whopping $16 and I inherited two others.

Other than that, we continue to work and work some more.

We'll update you all as soon as we know a thing!

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