Thursday, July 21, 2016

more paperwork

The process is moving along a bit quicker now that we've accepted our referral.

Here's what we've been up to:
  • Submitted our I-800A Supplement 3:  As I referenced earlier, our fingerprints are only good for a certain period of time and ours technically expired earlier in July.  I had to petition the U.S. government to renew our fingerprints (here's hoping we don't have to drive downtown again for a 60 second fingerprinting appointment again!) and we also had to petition our government to change Madeleine's special needs.  "Poor throat development" isn't a typical special need listed on the checklist and everything has to match perfectly in order to get her back home.
  • Submitted the I-800:  This is Madeleine's citizenship and immigration paperwork, requesting that the U.S. government officially recognize her as our immediate relative.  Essentially we wrap up the paperwork (sort of) in country and when we return, she will be a U.S. citizen.  We will still "re-adopt" her in the U.S. at some point soon thereafter to ensure that her paperwork is in order and won't cause her any trouble when she's older and needing a driver's license, passport, etc.
  • Submitted our list of questions:  Early in the referral process, we received Madeleine's medical paperwork which had some basic questions about her personality included, but we are also allowed to send a list of up to 20 questions to the orphanage to be answered.  There's no guarantee we'll get answers, that they will be accurate, or that they'll include a detailed response, but it's worth a shot as this might be our only opportunity to get a snippet of our daughter's history.  A sample of our questions:
    • Why was her name chosen and what does it mean?
    • What are her most challenging behaviors and how are they handled?
    • What upsets her and what comforts her?
    • Does she have any allergies?
    • Does she drink out of a bottle or sippy cup?
    • How, exactly, step by step, is her bottle made, and at what temperature is it served?
    • Is she a morning or a night person?
    • Does she have any scars or injuries, and if so, how were those obtained?
    • What words can she say now?

Travel plans are still up in the air right now.  We're hoping for late August or early September, but it could be later than that.  My work leave plan is in place so I can jump on a plane any time I need to, so that's reassuring.  We're getting there!

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