Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday: Travel to Jinan

Not going to lie -- I struggled through the first few days of our trip, mostly because of the accommodations.  CJ says it's because I'm uppety.  Whatever.

We hopped on a bullet train around noon and made our way to Madeleine's province.  It's a completely different feel here.  There is smog, but it's not nearly as heavy.  I could actually see a little bit of blue sky and sunshine yesterday, which also helped improve my mood.

It's crazy how much development there is here.  Just near the hotel station, there were maybe 9-12 duplicate apartment buildings under construction in one little area, each probably 30-50 stories tall with like 14 apartments per floor.  My sleep is way off, so I can't/don't want to do math right now, but that's a ton of apartments -- and that was just in one area.

Our hotel is much nicer here.  To put it in perspective, we were staying in a Best Western before and now we're in a Hyatt.  The room is large, modern, comfortable, and with a huge bathroom and even an iron.  Oh, and the thermostat works here!!

The area we're staying in is also much nicer -- well lit and more open.  There is a large mall a few blocks away with a Starbucks, McDonald's, KFC, Dairy Queen, and Papa Johns.  We ate at Papa Johns last night.  They have a huge menu here.  We got bruschetta for an appetizer and cheese-stuffed crust pizza. There is also a large grocery store and kids' store where we paid $6 (!!!) for a gallon of water, snacks, and some beverages for CJ, and we were also able to pick up some formula and congee for Madeleine.

Next up -- Madeleine!

We leave the hotel shortly and will pick her up at her orphanage at 9 am (9 pm EST).  Normally you pick up your child on one day and return 24 hours later to finalize the process here, but we're completing our adoption all today.  We'll have a few days off to get to know one another and to do a bit of sightseeing here, and then we'll head out on Friday afternoon to finalize the immigration/visa process for the U.S. government.

Thank you for your kind words and prayers.  They are much needed and appreciated!

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