Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday: Jinan

We're on the back half of our trip now!

We have not done anything today (Thursday) except lounge around.  Madeleine is still nursing her cold, although it seems to be getting a little better.  CJ and I are both sick now, so we haven't been in the mood to do too much anyway.

Thanks for the prayers as we've all been sick and as Madeleine has been having trouble sleeping.  Despite the minor hiccup, it's really not been that bad here.  I'm looking forward to getting home (I have been since before we started out), but our schedule is set and there's nothing I can do to change it, so there's no sense in allowing myself to get homesick.  (Look at me, loosening my control just a tiny bit!)

As for Madeleine's sleep, it's improving and we're learning.  Thankfully another adoptive mom sent me a message which solidified what we were thinking ourselves -- that her fighting us at bedtime or nap time is actually a good thing, as it means she is bonding with us.  Thing is, we can't treat Madeleine like any other 20 month old.  We can't let her cry it out.  The first night she went down was great and that second night was rough.  We'd fight us if we held her to go to sleep, but the minute we put her in her crib, she'd immediately wake up and start crying again.  It was almost as if she decided she liked the attention after all -- she's probably never had it -- and that she was afraid it might stop if she went to sleep.  Anyway, she fought us on sleep last night, but fell asleep by 9 and slept all the way until 6 am!  Then all three of us took a long nap in the morning, so things are looking much better today.

As for the rest of the day, we just need to get some notarized papers from our guide and then tomorrow, we head out in the AM to catch a flight out of here (leaves 12:10 pm our time / 12:10 am EST)  We'll then be in country a few more days working with the US government to get Madeleine's immigrant visa.  Getting closer!

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