Thursday, October 13, 2016

Travel Days 1 & 2: Beijing

24 hours of travel is The Worst, but obviously we've survived.

Guys, I wore compression socks.  I felt like I was about 70 years old.  My feet swelled up to about 4x their regular size (okay, I'm exaggerating) after my flight home from Japan in May, so I didn't want that to happen again.  Plus, a blood clot while we're here would be a real downer.  #adulting #beingresponsible

After such a long day of traveling, we weren't exactly feeling up to eating out, so we found a convenience store and for roughly $9 USD, we purchased ourselves Lay's stax, strawberry Oreos, some coconut straws, BBQ salmon jerky, a Monster Energy drink, and a beer.  We had to pay extra for our plastic bag, but then all of our food ended up being individually wrapped.  Not sure the message there -- we want to be environmentally responsible, but we want you to have correct portion sizes too?

The wifi is slow, so I'm having trouble uploading pictures, so connecting on facebook is probably going to be the best way to see those.

I'm thankful for a few things this morning, all bathroom related (keeping it real):

1 - I had my first encounter with a squatty potty in Japan.  These are essentially urinals in the floor, and yes, they're for women too.  While in Japan, I learned how they're marked -- in other words, don't take the first stall that's open unless you really don't care what type of toilet you use.  I'm not sure I'll be as lucky the rest of the trip, but it definitely helped yesterday.

2 - I also learned in Japan that soap or washing hands might not be as popular as it is in the US, so thankfully I'm armed with plenty of hand sanitizer just in case.

3 - Another adoptive momma suggested bringing travel size toilet paper rolls, as some stalls may not have any.  Thankfully I heeded this advice, as our hotel room didn't come with a full roll or a spare, and we're already out.  (This hotel also advertised hot water as an amenity, so I'd already significantly lowered my expectations.)

After crummy airline food and snacks for dinner, we're off to grab breakfast and to sightsee for the day.  Only a few more days until we pick up Madeleine!

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