Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tuesday & Wednesday: Jinan

Monday night, Madeleine slept really well -- except that she was up and ready to go at 4:30 am.  Holy cow, Madeleine.

Tuesday was a free day for us.  As I wrote before, normally families complete their adoption process on Tuesday, but our province does everything on one day.  Madeleine came to us with a cold and is teething on top of that, and I'm not feeling so great myself, so a day to do nothing was welcomed.

Tuesday night was something else though.  She went down with a fight, woke up a few hours later and went back down with a fight, woke up a few hours after that and went back down with a fight, and then finally woke up for good at 4:30 am again.  She fought us going down for her nap just now too.  We're not sure what's going on with this.  My gut says that she's unhappy about how different everything is and it's just sinking in.  Since she slept in a room with 14 other children, I'm guessing she's not used to the quiet.  She was probably not held too frequently, which we are trying but she isn't on board with this yet.  Tied in with all of this, we aren't able to set a schedule for her here in a hotel room and she's completely off the schedule she kept in her orphanage.  So, prayers on this front are most needed!

Wednesday, we picked up Madeleine's passport.  Talk about quick.  We also got a tour of a large park here in her city.  It was beautiful and definitely my most favorite place we've visited in country so far.  My favorite part though?  When a random guy walked up to CJ and pretended to talk to him so he could get his picture taken with him.  As soon as other people saw this happening, others started to come up and take his picture.  We have not seen ANY westerners here yet, so we're guessing they have not seen many ever and want to take a picture while they can.

Thursday is an off day for us too.  There are at least two English channels here - one is National Geographic, and the other plays only American Ninja Warrior, The Voice, and Blue Bloods on repeat.   Friday we leave to complete the process with the US government and thankfully we will meet up with other families at that time.

So here's what we've learned about our little girl in the past few days:

Madeleine LOVES melon (CJ is excited).  She likes eggs, waffles, and puréed corn.  We also had puréed peas and she downed that jar in no time flat.  If I'd let her, she would double fist those Gerber puffs all day long.

Madeleine can walk holding on to a finger and she's started to take a few steps on her own in between us.  Puffs are a good little motivator, I've found.  We bought her a pair of shoes here, but while they're sturdy-ish, the soles are fabric, so it's not the best for walking.  Once we can get home and get her a real pair of shoes, we're hoping she'll take off walking.

She doesn't say any words yet, but does make sounds.

She has started to mimic us.  Parent of the Year CJ may have taught her to stick her tongue in and out.  She has started to clap and she gives hi-five waves (sees me waving and reaches out for a high five instead).

My favorite discovery though... Madeleine does somersaults.  Initially we thought she did one accidentally, but then she repeated it several times.  I was really hoping to avoid organized sports for a while, but we may also be on to something here.

Thanks for all your prayers and words of encouragement -- it has helped immensely!

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