Sunday, November 20, 2016

this too shall pass

It was a rough week.  Not for Madeleine, who came out looking like a rockstar, but for me.  I won't give details, as I don't need to throw myself even more of a pity party than I already have, but if you're a parent who works outside of the home, then you can probably sympathize.  

My mom likes to say that one of my grandma's favorite sayings was "This to shall pass."  I don't remember my grandma ever saying this to me, but I did find myself repeating it quite a bit this week.  And I while I find myself very thankful this year for many reasons, I'm also quite thankful that it's a short week and that I get two days know, to recover from just going back to work this week.

Here's what you came for though, a Madeleine update:

Madeleine's developmental growth has been slow and cautious up until really a few days ago and now she's started to explode.  Her little system is probably just starting to shake off the shock of moving halfway around the world with strangers, so I don't blame her one bit.  In the past few days alone, she has started walking more independently, has started using the "more" sign for food more consistently, and has started making more eye contact with us.  She's starting to like reading and will actually bring us books to read to her and will sit on our laps and give the book all of her attention instead of slamming it shut.  While she makes quite a bit of noises, she still hasn't said a word, but we do think she's starting to sound out actual syllables.

I am also thankful that this little girl isn't a picky eater.  She's eaten nearly everything we put in front of her, including Mexican, and in this case, Thai and Japanese.

Madeleine got properly fitted for shoes this week, thanks to Kern Brothers shoes in Zionsville.

One day this week, on a day I was at work, Madeleine spent the entire day in her pajamas.  I may have made a snarky passive aggressive comment about this to Madeleine (#goodparenting), to which CJ responded, "Mama doesn't get out of her pajamas most Saturdays, so I'm not sure she has a leg to stand on" (#touche).  But this day, CJ actually picked out this entire outfit, down to the bow!  I was seriously impressed.  He may have set his bar a little too high.

Reading. (Obviously.)

My parents watched M today while we went to the Colts game.  Was it the right thing to do, so soon after coming home?  Maybe, maybe not.  While I could second guess myself all day long, I do know that we all survived (including grandma and grandpa, who I'm guessing are exhausted!) and that we're refreshed and ready to get at it again.

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