Sunday, January 29, 2017

God is faithful.

Last February or March, my dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  Throughout this past year, we consistently asked God for a few things.  And He has been so, so faithful to us.

One of my favorite smells in the world is freshly harvested corn.  It's the smell I associate with home and it reminds me so much of the combine rides I would get every fall with my dad.  I simply couldn't bear the thought of the 2015 harvest season having been my last combine ride with my dad.  I prayed, prayed, and prayed some more that I would get another trip around the field -- and that my daughter would too.

My dad missed a good part of the spring planting season, but fall came around.  The minute I heard he was in the field, I left work to take a ride. I think I cried the entire drive to the field, I cried a good part of that ride with him, and I cried a good part of the drive back to work, all out of thankfulness.

Another prayer was that my dad would get to meet our daughter.  Back when he was diagnosed, we were so far away from being matched that it didn't seem possible.  And then we got matched in June, but we didn't get to travel until October...those were precious days we felt were wasted.  But here's Madeleine meeting her grandpa for the first time.

And then God blessed us some more by letting Madeleine take a ride with me in the combine.  Dad was so, so happy. If anyone else had touched all the buttons she did, they would have been yelled at.

There were a few other consistent prayer requests during our adoption journey - maybe more on those another day - but the final one was for complete healing here on earth for my dad.  Unfortunately that answer was no.

We buried my dad this past week.

I write this not to solicit pity, but to help myself grieve and to share with you this testimony. Even though I didn't get my biggest prayer answered the way I wanted it, God was still faithful.  He built up our trust during this incredibly difficult year and we know that He will continue to be faithful and that we can continue to call upon Him for the big and small things in life.

And even though my dad is no longer here, we're left with this beautiful gift -- a happy little girl who brings us all so much joy and makes the pain of losing my dad just a bit easier.

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