Saturday, February 18, 2017

so many parties...

I've joked that if Madeleine could talk, at some point in the next few weeks, she'll look at us and ask when her next party will be.

We started off January with our last shower which my aunts and cousins graciously threw for us.  We STILL haven't opened up all those gifts yet!

There was originally only going to be one birthday party, but when we found out my dad only had a short time left to live, we decided to celebrate a few weeks early so grandpa could enjoy too.

After we got Madeleine's referral last summer, my dad bought her this Massey Ferguson t-shirt.

It takes a loooonnngggg time to open up gifts a tiny piece at a time...

I made Madeleine cupcakes. She wasn't impressed and ate 2 bites (and the kid eats everything else in sight).

Then there was Chinese New Year.  I had every intention of having many more decorations and cooking a traditional meal from scratch, however life's circumstances got in the way. Thank goodness for Amazon, Etsy, and our local, completely inauthentic Chinese restaurant for saving this year's CNY.

Aren't these adorable?!  I had the artist draw a ram on the side, since Madeleine was born in the Year of the Ram.

First pair of chopsticks!

The traditional CNY gift is a red envelope with money.  Since Madeleine doesn't know what CNY or money is, she got Little People animals and doctors instead.  I think she was pleased.

And then we celebrated her birthday on the actual day itself...

This is the moment she figured out what presents are and what to do with them.

Just that very week, she started to LOVE her Little People and actually play with them (versus just carry them around), so she was actually pretty excited about the Little People house.

Aaaannnndddd then there was the real, rescheduled birthday party.

I had the same Etsy artist make a custom peg doll of Madeleine, using pictures of some of the traditional Chinese silks we brought home for her.  It's hard to see on the picture, but she was able to paint on tiny little dragons too.

We had her on board with the presents, but she was still unsure of the cake, the candles, and the singing...

AND FINALLY, Valentine's Day!

A unicorn cake, guys!  (Confectioneress in Zionsville!)

Madeleine has started working with First Steps, so one of her therapists helped her create a Valentine for me.

It wouldn't be a party without a gift, right? M is the proud new owner of a Little People tractor and trailer.

Too much? Maybe. Do I care? Not really.  We're making up for lost time.  And I also can't help that her birthday falls between so many major holidays.  :)