Friday, April 14, 2017

long overdue M update

I have a day off with no obligations, so here's a long overdue Madeleine update for you all.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her, mostly because it's cute, but partially because I love that t-shirt (soba noodles).

Little by little, becoming a ham in front of the camera


LOVES Mama's coffee.

Still not BFFs, but they tolerate one another pretty well.

Visiting mama at work.

She has been mimicking us for several months now, but she's started to independently pretend so much more lately.  She mostly plays only with this doll (it used to be mine) and will grab a wipe to wipe her off, lift up her legs like we do hers, try to grab a diaper or twenty, and then repeats.  

CJ has been taking her hiking on the trail that runs through our neighborhood and at Eagle Creek.  Mickey often rides on his shoulders.

And M caught on that she goes in Daddy's backpack for a hike, so naturally, her doll needed to go in her backpack for a quick shopping trip downstairs.

M loves, loves, loves being outside and exploring, especially on the farm. My dad would have eaten this up.

Wouldn't eat the actual cookie, but loved the dough.

Totally not on board with this bike helmet thing.

And...we're back here.  Last month, she got sick and then right after she got better, she started teething.  It was necessary and we don't regret it, but we ended up co-sleeping with her again during those times.  And she's a smart girl and figured out that if she wakes up at any of her favorite times now, even once she's better, one of us will come get her and co-sleep the rest of the night.  While I want to meet her needs, CJ is gone two nights a week and I work.  So we're trying out a combination of methods to get her to sleep through the night again on her own and then to learn how to put herself to sleep (without crying it out).  This is our next step -- an uncomfortable futon mattress which CJ calls a "Japanese mat."  It's even worse than that dumb air mattress, guys.  But we've seen some progress in her sleeping the past several nights, so hopefully we're on the right track again.  We're all MUCH happier in the mornings, Madeleine especially, when we each sleep in our own beds!  (Imagine that.)

Petting Bridget

Madeleine works with a developmental therapist once a week, and this was today's craft.  The DT told me today that when she first started seeing Madeleine a few months ago (very late January or early February), she placed Madeleine developmentally at 9-11 months (at 24 mo. old).  As of today, she said she'd place her developmentally at 15-18 months.  That's huge progress in just two months!

We have M working with a speech therapist once a week too.  Speech is obviously coming really, really slowly.  M has said two words once a piece:  Hello (on January 19th) and Hi (just last week).  The speech therapist tracks her vowels and consonants, and she's making new ones, but it's just slow progress.  Again, she's trying to catch up of 19 months living without parents with 600 other children.  And in the meantime, Madeleine is able to use several signs: more, food, drink, please, thank you, Daddy, Mama, all done, and I love you.  Her therapists assure us that using sign language doesn't delay her speech at all.

To rule out any hearing loss, we do have an ENT appointment scheduled next week (it's only taken us 3 months to get on someone's schedule!).  She follows directions incredibly well (the speech therapist tracks this and Madeleine follows 80%-100% of the time), so we are thinking she can hear, but we need to be certain.

We're also playing catch-up on her shots.  Of all the shots reportedly given to her in country, she only had the measles antibody in her system.  So we are trying to get her caught back up as quickly as possible, giving her 4-8 shots every month or so...

She also had her first dentist appointment last month and came through with flying colors.  Thankfully, M loves brushing her teeth.

That's it for Miss M!  Happy Easter, everyone!